Proposal at Sunset in Boone, NC

Every inquiry is amazing, but there is always a special spark to a proposal. Not only hearing that someone is about to take that step, but they want you to document it for them? Absolutely incredible (and really lets my imagination take over for the logistics).

When Elijah reached out to me about popping the question to his longtime girlfriend Heather, I flipped. I always worry about scaring away potential clients with my enthusiasm, but so far everyone has received it pretty well – Elijah included!

I already knew of a perfect location, and when Elijah scoped it in person he agreed. Plenty of gorgeous background for photos and room to run around a bit. I don’t want to give away too many hints (in case your partner calls me to plan your proposal!) but it’s all about the poker face. When they pulled up, I snuck a sly glance to Elijah and that’s when my nerves set in. Believe it or not, no matter how many times I plan something like this, the jitters never go away. The strive for perfection is real – can only do it once!

Snowflake was a part of the ruse, and was probably one of the most convincing parts. Just a dog mom interrupting a couple’s sunset date for pictures – completely realistic. We had a code word, so once I was in a good spot I gave the cue. Elijah heard loud and clear, and immediately went in his bag for the ring. I don’t think Heather really knew what was happening until I said I was in on it; she just thought some random was taking photos of their proposal (LOL). Of course once Heather said yes, I stepped back for a few minutes to let them revel in the moment. We romped around in the underbrush, danced without music and drank in the beauty of the blue ridge mountains at sunset.

More importantly, I made two new friends and am so looking forward to their eventual wedding! Wanna plan your own proposal with me? Let’s do it!

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