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It’s been almost 365 days as I write this. I’m sitting here on the couch, a box of pizza next to me, just started The Devil Wears Prada. It’s Saturday night. This morning I woke up, took some orders to the post office (yeah, I added more to my full plate), then went to the […]


July 21, 2022

Every day.

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The day you were born, I started carrying you and one of your sisters around together all the time. I never let go. When I picked you out as my own, gave you a name and started to build a bond with you, I never could have imagined all of the things we would do […]


July 22, 2021

I never let go.

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I am 100% an LGBTQ+ inclusive photographer, and as of today I am out as bisexual. Man, this is nerve-wracking. I could go into what spurred this, but instead I want to talk about why it took so long. This is a completely personal post with a sprinkle of relevance to photography, so if that’s […]


January 29, 2021

LG(B)TQ+ Inclusive Photographer

f*** burnout
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If you are a wedding photographer, chances are you’ve experienced burnout. Read on to hear some ways I manage!


December 13, 2020

Burnout: Surviving as a Photographer

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