meet our kids

Snowflake Pudge - Est. 2005

Catman - Est 2017 

Garlic - Est 2019

Scuppernong 2018 2020

- oldest child
- dislikes dogs
- dislikes boring food
- likes snaccs
- likes walks
- likes rides in mom's car
- nap queen
- selectively deaf

- middle child
- dislikes cats
- dislikes affection
- DISLIKES visitors
- likes snowflake
- likes treats
- likes yelling a lot
- hunts lights
- growls at delivery men

- youngest child
- dislikes loud noises
- dislikes storms
- DISLIKES getting caught
- likes anything edible
- likes cuddling
- likes wrestling
- oh lawd he chonkin
- too smart for his own

- second youngest child
- dislikes new people
- dislikes dewormer
- DISLIKES being alone
- likes trash cans
- likes pets
- likes chicken
- mama's boye
- the best scuppin boye

Snowflake Pudge was born November 28, 2005. She had three sisters: Lola, Booboo and Charley. I was in fifth grade and her birth mom, Coco, was my grandma's dog; we've quite literally been inseparable since. Almost 15 years of adventures in the rural jungle, swimming in ponds and creeks, car rides, trips to the park, shopping adventures (she hates TJ Maxx) and the days are still sweet. She has her fair share of health issues and trials, but she still pulls us on walks and hops in the car ready to go anywhere. 20/10 favorite; best thing I've ever done. 

Catman was born in April 2017 and adopted September 17, 2017. I forced Ozzy to go to the shelter and wham bam here he come. He was in a cage next to another black cat who kept trying to slap him from next door, so I felt bad for him. He started out really affectionate, but not for long. Eventually he chose Ozzy, which I thought was very rude. He settled in quickly and fell in love with Snowflake. She hates him, but he always tries to love on her anyway. Not destructive, will join in when I am singing or shouting; 8/10 overall, mediocre $80 purchase.

Garlic was born in May 2019 and adopted August 17, 2019. I (again) forced Ozzy to go to the shelter. He was in a cage with his brother and some other guy that both got adopted so I couldn't leave him there, right? We had a rough start and I thought Catman might kill him but now he's fat enough to defend himself. He comes when he's called and loves to be squashed/cuddled/aggressively loved. Very mischievous, cannot meow properly; 8/10 overall, was free but requires vacation boarding because he cannot be trusted unsupervised.

Scuppernong was first seen by us in a storm drain. We thought he was trapped, but he ran from us the moment we tried to help him so we just moved along. July 8, 2020 Ozzy saw him by his car panting (not good) so he offered him some water. We extended this offer by putting some food out and over the next few days he'd come eat at night. One morning we saw him out and he came over to me, and the trust built from there. Scupp was sadly very sick and we lost him October 19, 2020. 20/10 rescue - he deserved so much more, but left this world in my arms and so incredibly loved.

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