I have a very hands-off approach to my photos. I use gentle direction and prompts that evoke natural movement and emotion to create the genuine feelings that my clients look for. I believe that the best mood environment for taking photos is open and inviting; it feels like a warm hug from someone familiar (which you will receive once covid goes back to the hell from whence it came) and puts you at ease. 

If you are a potential elopement/wedding client, we will do at least one face to face or virtual hangout before you book - this allows us to get a feel for each other's personality and communication style to ensure we mesh well. Building a relationship with your photographer should always be a priority; you're going to spend a LOT of time working together and talking, and you want that to be a positive thing.

You want a photographer that understands you. You are pining for photos that explain the way you and your partner feel about each other without having to say a single word; photos that you can look at and immediately be taken back to the exact emotions you felt when it was taken. To feel confident in their professional abilities, but also be able to send them stupid memes because you've built up an awesome relationship. 

I’m going to bring out the best in the two of you, all in a laid back atmosphere full of laughter and adventure. By the end of our time together, any nervousness you had will be a distant memory - when I leave you’re going to talk about how awesomely lame I am and how much fun you had. When your friends ask about your photos one of the things you’ll tell them is how easy it was, and how you can’t wait until the next time we can create some art; and that’s really the coolest part of us hanging out. 

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You have compassion, empathy, and a generally gentle heart. Let's pet stray cats together.

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You two are irrefutably in love with each other. It shows just sitting there and I love it.

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So you know a little about me, now you know a little about my approach to photography and what matters most when I'm documenting the special moments of my client's lives. But what about you guys?

Well of course you should like your photos on the warm, earthy side, and candid moments should matter to you just as much as a beautiful location. But here are some awesome key traits I see in all my couples:

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