More questions?

Not unless I advertise them on instagram! Every so often I run a marathon, but I don't offer standalone mini sessions. Boudoir should be an experience, not something that's rushed or crammed into your schedule. Part of the fun is to take the time to play through it! We have a two hour time slot together to allot for changing outfits, makeup touch ups, etc - I will never rush that.

Do you do mini sessions or discounts?

The only package to include an album is Bridal, but I offer albums in all sizes, colors and materials to anyone!

do i get an album?

At the moment, no! But pro looks aren't a requirement. If you want the full treatment, we can always book a HMUA for you separately!

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Not to brag, but I shine in this department. I am a lingerie aficionado, on top of just knowing what photographs the best. Some of my favorites are: garter belt and stocking combos, matching sets, bustiers, and bodysuits. I like neutrals and jewel tones - black, red, white, emerald; just some ideas. Sometimes heels work, sometimes they don't - bring some just in case! I'll tell you how many outfits to bring too.

what do I wear?!

Collectively taking photos of...anything and everything? Literally my whole life. In a more serious manner? Since I was 18, and I'm 25 now.

How long have you been doing this?

You won't be with me. I take pride in my ability to use my awkwardness and dumb sense of humor to invoke comfort and a fun environment for all my clients (music helps too). The laughs, smoke and badassery are all real. 

What if I am camera-shy/nervous/uncomfortable?

because not everything is obvious, and questions aren't dumb.


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